Business Automation Consulting

Business Processes Automation also known as a Business Automation, with a team of experts we advise right and modern software application/solutions which enforce standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and business rules in the organization, which not only increase efficiency and productivity but also provide controls across the organization. 

 The traditional business process involves a lengthy chain of emails, duplication of paperwork, and slight error can create a confusion towards undirected communications, revisions, extended timelines.

Many businesses shift their IT focus from internal requirements and they were more to words calibrations. AnaConEx Solutions (Pvt) Ltd Business Automation Consultant develops business process and rules to relate in software application they were able to create a process-driven software application(s) with the help of software developers. These software applications can be replaced quickly to provide a more efficient process cycle for your organization.  

Software Licensing & Implementation Services

AnaConEx Solutions (Pvt) Ltd help customers save time and money, by using a certified team that delivers consistent and accurate volume licensing solutions that fit our customers’ needs. As a Microsoft & Odoo Licensing and Solution Providers, our enterprise-level volume licensing will give you the best value for money and the flexibility to scale your software license purchases based on growth.

Our expertise in implementing software and licenses for a variety of complex architectures has also helped facilitate smarter purchasing decisions based on actual user experience.

This enables our clients to optimize the use of their software assets, avoid legal, security, and human resource issues, improve the forecast of IT resource requirements, and reduce software, compliance, and licensing costs.

Additionally, as companies begin to implement cloud services, we are able to provide a convenient way to license both on-premise software and online services through the Enterprise Agreement.

Our offerings cover the entire spectrum of your license needs through our academic, government, trans-actional, and pay-as-you-go licensing agreements minus the complexity.

We bring leading-edge software and localize it to your needs, besides backing it up with great value-added services.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions help many companies to increase their productivity and efficiency by empowering them with more flexible and advanced infrastructure solutions in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Ser-vice (SaaS).

AnaConEx Solutions (Pvt) Ltd offer services that are needed to build, operate, and manage hosting & cloud services. We offer you the best cloud infrastructure and operational solutions in every layer of cloud technology. We guarantee that you will gain all the possible advantages of cloud computing.

Our Cloud Offerings

Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Managed Private Cloud

Disaster Recovery on Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud

Software Applications Development

Whether it is an idea for a new software product or a software solution for a business problem we help you at any and every stage of the software development life cycle from business analysis to prototyping to development, testing, and finally deployment of the custom software solution.

At AnaConEx Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, we mainly rely on industry provided software development standards and critically do the tests on the applications to ensure they are bug-free delivery.

AnaConEx Solutions (Pvt) Ltd develops customized software packages for companies large and small from shopping carts to enterprise applications.

We help companies to establish meaningful customer relationships, increase sales, streamline processes, and sell to new markets for years. We provide direct, personal customer service to each of our clients to ensure that they get the most out of their product.

Our Cloud Offerings

Desktop Application

Client/Server Application

Component Solution

Distributed Application

We at AnaConEx Solutions (Pvt) Ltd possess the expertise of different programming languages including Java, .Net, C#, and PHP. Our UX design and prototyping experts will ensure that the user experience is enhanced by making sure the resulting UI is usable across different devices and platforms.

Mobile Applications Developments

The prologue of Smarts phones and other technologically advanced communication devices has revolutionized the world of business. Many businesses are trying to embrace this new technology to gain a competitive advantage in their business.

We at AnaConEx Solutions (Pvt) Ltd provide solutions in all leading technology platforms that include iOS, Android, Blackberry, and windows.

We provide innovative solutions from idea generation and strategizing to complete mobile application development and maintenance. We assure you that our skilled developers will provide the best quality mobile application that helps your business to flourish above your competitors.