Odoo Appraisals

Review employees’ performance by creating appraisals in few clicks.

Get periodical employee evaluation

Strengthen your company's key asset: employees

Maintain the motivation level of your employee by doing a periodical evaluation of their performances. Bring benefits for your people and for your Organization by regularly assessing your human resources.  

Easy follow-up

Check the appraisal status for each employee or the whole company.

Clear calendar view

With a clear calendar view, keep an eye on the upcoming evaluation and send reminders to the respondents. 

Exportable answers

Get a printable PDF form for every evaluation.

Build the right appraisal survey

Collect insightful information by asking the right question.

Create the right questionnaire to collect your employees’ responses. Build your own questionnaire or choose from existing ones. Manage different types of evaluations such as self-evaluation, bottom-up, top-down, and so on. Allow your employee to create evaluations themselves to forward them to juniors, subordinates, and as well to their managers.

Design your own survey

Use templates or create them your way

Gather insightful information and/or opinions from your employees by creating your own surveys or by using the templates. Add the right questions, edit page layouts, and draft a perfect survey by using built-in templates or design your own unique survey. Modify and use the existing surveys by turning them into templates. Get your surveys proofread by seniors and let them add comments before publishing them. You can also create multiple survey questionnaires for each evaluation step and send them to different individuals.

Automate the evaluation process

Make a scheduled evaluation process.

Automatically generate interview requests by defining a schedule for the evaluation plan. Create a hierarchy for answering your surveys and specify employee, department, or level in it. Allow your managers to review the content and finalize the evaluation. 

Fully integrated with Odoo Apps


Oversee your employees directory. Retain significant informations about your team.


Have an overview of your employees expenses Access an accurate tracking tool.


Streamline your recruitment process. Index resumes, track applicants, search profiles.


Raise high quality insights through surveys, a great way to engage with prospects.